BPM Awards Overview

The awards are given to user organizations demonstrating excellence in Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow.

Particular attention is paid to implementations that support processes extending beyond the corporate boundaries to support customers, suppliers, trading partners etc.

Step 1
To get you thinking quickly about the scope and details of your submission, please complete the short form here with your 250-word abstract now (free, easy and quick!).

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The judges will review the abstract and give you feedback (if necessary) on how you can make your submission better. We have found from the ACM Awards that the final case study benefits greatly from this early input.

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After receiving the judges' feedback, if you decide to move ahead with your submission, you have until deadline (see on right column) to writing up your case study by paying your entry fee of $295.

We will send you our easy Q&A template (Word doc) to complete your full case study and return. If selected as a Finalist, this paper may be published in the next annual title in the “Excellence in Practice” series.

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Return your completed Q&A case study document. The judges will review all entries and we will contact you if you have been selected as a Finalist. You will be invited to participate in the awards ceremony.

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BPM vendors/technology providers may nominate their customers and user organizations may nominate themselves. All BPM technology user organizations are eligible and encouraged to apply including:

    • Large enterprises, and small to midsize businesses

    • All vertical industries, including private sector, government and non-profit

    • Organizations from any region

    • All business models: business-B2B, B2C, B2B2C…

    • Note: Pure product descriptions by vendors and service providers are not eligible, however, we encourage you to assist your customers in submitting an application describing the use of your product. Any service provider may submit a nomination on behalf of a product user or other organization.

Categories (Worldwide)

On the submission form please indicate your specific areas of focus.

Categories include, but are not limited to:

      • Customer Excellence / Customer Experience Management

      • Product Innovation and New Product Development

      • Risk Management and Predication

      • Business Rules

      • Decision Modeling and Management

      • Business Architecture and Process Design

      • Regulatory Compliance / Compliance Management

      • Adaptability and Agile Business Practices

      • Process Intelligence / Intelligent Business Operations

      • System Modernization and Operational Transformation

The areas of focus do not represent discrete categories per se, nor are entries required to be “force fit” or otherwise limited to these, but help provide focus and consideration during the judging process. 

There are no regional categories or sub-categories. The judges reserve the right to withhold naming category finalists if submissions are not of sufficiently high standard and to add or remove categories at their discretion.


Nominations will be judged on excellence demonstrated in the following areas:


  • Innovative use of BPM technology to solve unique problems
  • Creative and successful implementation of advanced BPM concepts
  • Level of integration with other technologies and legacy systems
  • Degree of complexity in the business process and underlying IT architecture


  • Successful BPM and/or workflow implementation methodology (BPM CoE, Project Team, etc)
  • Size, scope and quality of change management process
  • Scope and scale of the implementation (e.g. size, geography, inter-company processes)


  • Extent and quantifiable impact of productivity improvements
  • Significance of cost savings
  • Level of increased revenues, product enhancements, customer service or quality improvements
  • Impact of the system on competitive positioning in the marketplace
  • Proven strategic importance to the organization's mission
  • Degree to which the system enabled a culture change within the organization and methodology for achieving that change.

Winners and finalists receive additional recognition by having their case studies published in the annual volume of Excellence in Practice by Future Strategies Inc..

Awards Sponsors and Management

The  Awards Program is managed by Future Strategies Inc., publishers of unique books on BPM and Workflow.

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Standards Associations

  • OMG - The OMG is a major international standards body. The Business Modeling and Integration Domain Taskforce is actively involved in developing Business Process related standards such as BPMN, BPDM and BPRI.

  • WfMC - The Workflow Management Coalitio sponsors the Excellence Awards. Along with developing the Workflow Reference Framework, the WfMC is the home of process standards such as BPSim, XPDL and Wf-XML.

Any questions about your submission should be directed to awards @ futstrat.com