Marvin L. Manheim Award
for Significant Contributions 
in the Field of Workflow

Presented by the Workflow Management Coalition, The Manheim Award ceremony takes place in conjunction with the WfMC Excellence Awards for BPM and Workflow.

The Marvin L. Manheim Award has been presented annually (at WfMC's discretion) since 2001 to recognize an individual or a group for their influence, contribution or distinguished use of workflow systems.


  • 2019: Layna Fischer (press release)

  • 2018: Nathaniel Palmer

  • 2017: Derek Miers

  • 2016: Sandy Kemsley

  • 2015: Jim Sinur

  • 2014: Connie W Moore

  • 2007-2013: none

  • 2006: David Hollingsworth

  • 2005: Robert Shapiro

  • 2004: none

  • 2003: Keith Swenson

  • 2002: Jon Pyke

  • 2001: Dr Haruo Hayami

The award is named in honor of the late Professor Marvin L. Manheim, co-founder of the Black Forest Group* and co-founder of the WfMC. Professor Manheim was the William A. Patterson Distinguished Professor of Transportation at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University from 1983 until his death in August 2000.

Prof. Manheim's major area of interest was information technology and its uses strategically, competitively, and organizationally. It included strategy formulation and implementation processes; the management of globally competing organizations; and international transportation and logistics. He was also interested in computer assistance to human problem-solving and decision-making, including decision support systems (DSS) and artificial intelligence.

Any person, or group of persons who has made a significant contribution in the field of workflow, may be nominated and considered for the Manheim award. Individuals will be given first consideration for the Award, because teams  and projects are eligible for the Global Excellence In BPM & Workflow Awards (also co-sponsored by WfMC).

Neither the person being nominated, nor the nominator, is required to be a member of the Coalition - the Award is open to all eligible individuals or groups. There is no fee for nomination.

Nominations should be sent to the Secretariat of the Workflow Management Coalition using the form below and should include:

  • Name of Nominee (up to two nominations permitted)

  • Brief summary of why this person is being nominated

  • Links to relevant documentation, if the work of the individual is not widely known.

  • Supporting nominations, if desired, from additional practitioners in the field



*The Black Forest Group is a consortium established in 1992 to bring together senior executives from large companies worldwide, to identify emerging  technologies expected to have a major impact on their businesses. The group invites speakers to make presentations on these subjects, and discusses the topics at subsequent meetings. The Black Forest Group was named for the area where their first meeting was held. Membership is by invitation only.

One of the early technologies that the Black Forest Group identified as having potential impact was workflow management.

Following discussion within the Black Forest Group, they encouraged the establishment of the Workflow Management Coalition, to:

  • increase the value of customers' investment in workflow technology,

  • decrease the risk of using workflow products through the development of standards, and

  • expand the workflow market through increasing awareness for workflow.