Past Award Winners (since 1996)

  • 1996 Winners of the European Gold and Silver Excellence Awards (October 96)
    Gold, Imaging: Infocamere, Italy (Vendor: Eastman Software (formerly Wang)
    Gold, Workflow: GAK, Netherlands (Vendor:: Eastman Software (formerly Wang))
    Silver, Imaging: MartinAir, Netherlands (Vendor: FileNet/Olivetti)
    Silver, Workflow: PPP Healthcare, England (Vendor: Mosaix)
  • 1996 Winners of the Asian Excellence Awards (October 96)
    Gold, Workflow and Imaging: Yarra Valley Water, Australia (Vendor: Eastman Software (formerly Wang)
    Silver, Workflow and Imaging: Bank of America, Asia Division (Vendor: FileNet)


How do we promote BPM through the Awards?

By helping the entire industry continue to evolve and mature and for BPM practitioners to learn from each other through these outstanding examples by gaining visibility into BPM excellence and best practices.

Some organizations significantly outperform others in their industry. They become more agile by adopting smarter work practices and transforming their business processes to be more dynamic, collaborative, and connected.

Often, the business processes themselves create competitive advantage. Increased revenue at reduced cost makes more money for a very effective business. Changing market opportunities, customer demands, new technology and calls for cost reduction can make it seem impossible to keep operational chaos at bay.

True visionaries are not content with merely achieving benefits; they are proactively driven to raise the standard for excellence in their industry—in essence, moving the competitive goalposts.

Competitive advantage is gained when companies reduce operational risk by making sure that internal guidelines and external regulatory requirements are fulfilled. Companies thus offer customers a faster, more accurate and consistent service.

To position your organization for success, you need the ability to continually optimize, streamline and align business processes to meet changing business needs for greater performance, competitive advantage and to drive growth.

The various companies whose award-winning case studies are featured annually in our books have proven excellence in their creative and successful deployment of advanced and business process management concepts. The end-user, service provider and their respective teams achieved significant recognition both internally and globally.

The positive impact to their corporations includes increased revenues, more productive and satisfied employees, product enhancements, better customer service and quality improvements.

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